jide.js — Version 1.0.0-beta4

jide.js is an open source, MIT licensed, Javascript toolkit for developing rich, modern web applications. It features various powerful UI controls and is built around the concept of properties and data binding and enables highly efficient programming.

jide.js uses the AMD format and can be used with any AMD compatible loader such as require.js but also supports Browserify. Don't worry if you don't know what that means, we've prepared a short introduction for you.

jide.js is currently in beta state. This means that it is neither feature complete nor without bugs and that its APIs can change when necessary.

Free and OpenSource

jide.js has been released under terms of the OpenSource MIT license. It can be used in personal and commercial projects for free.

Get the Source CodeDownload 1.0.0-beta4

Or install via Bower bower install jidejs.

Or install via npm npm install jide.

Observable variables and data binding

], function(Class, ObservableList, Control, Skin, fetch) {
    var data = new ObservableList();
    // define our Blog control
    function Blog(config) {
        Control.call(this, config || {});

    // and initialize it
    new Blog({
        element: document.getElementById('recent_blog_posts'),
        posts: data
<div id="front_page_example">
        <h2>Recent Blog Posts</h2>
        <ul bind="foreach: component.posts" class="row-fluid">
                <li class="span4">
                    <h3><a bind="
                        content: title,
                        attr: { href: url }
                    <p bind="content: excerpt"></p>
                        <a class="btn" bind="
                            attr: { href: url }
                        ">Read more</a>

Developed by experts

JIDE Software is a leading provider of professional components for Swing and JavaFX and has years of experience in solving the needs of large businesses and startups. jide.js has been created by those same experts that have been trusted by thousands of clients with their mission critial applications. It leverages all the experience to produce a development experience that is nothing short of astonishing. Develop applications with ease by binding your data to your view. Separate your data model from your view logic, write modular applications by leveraging the power of AMD.

Professional Support available

While jide.js is an OpenSource project, we understand the need for professional and fast support, thus you can buy professional support for jide.js directly from JIDE Software.